Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dorchester Community Farm

I work quite often in Dorchester, and lunch is often a rushed affair between meetings, sorry to say with a cheap sandwich from a supermarket. But I do try to at least take a little time to visit a quiet corner of town, where the green shoots of Transition are growing ever more strongly.

Under Lache Farm was a green and somewhat windswept field when I first visited, with some markings for a pond and a row of dry raised beds. We were asked and tried to gather support from Transition Poole to go and help erect a polytunnel with them. Sad to say, when it came to it, after several delays, only Cherry and Andrew managed to get along to help.

So I was delighted this week to pop in, (no-one was about), and to see the polytunnel well stocked with winter salad crops, 10 inquisitive chickens running across their coop to see me, and a stand of four 1000 litre IBC containers which look like they have been connected to the drainpipe of the roof of the industrial unit next door. They are making brilliant progress, and far more organised than we tend to be at Tatnam Organic Patch.